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Rumors and News: What We Know about BioShock Infinite

By Kirk B.,

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Today we learned that Irrational Games is teasing an all-new trailer for BioShock Infinite, due to hit the web later this month. Fans of the franchise will likely remember that the game’s original release date was actually the 16th of October, but development complications pushed it back into 2013. So, with a new trailer on the way and the game still nowhere in sight, we thought it would be a good time to run through what we do and don’t know about the game.

Plot: BioShock Infinite eschews the previous two games’ undersea environments and takes its adventure to the sky. Events take place on Columbia, a floating city based in large part on the concept of American exceptionalism. The city, which is comprised of a series of interconnected floating platforms, promises to be as visually interesting as the ocean city of Rapture. Plus the whole thing is connected by ziplines—what’s not to love?

The game’s art design is inspired by early American ideology, and Irrational used propaganda from various American wars to find inspiration for Columbia, its denizens and decorations.

Development: BioShock Infinite has been in development for the better part of four years. Irrational dumped the old game engine and started from scratch with Unreal Engine 3, building a new lighting engine and a complete physics ruleset for the way in which the floating buildings interacted. Everything in Infinite is built from the ground up.

Gameplay: One complaint about the original BioShock is that even though the player character had a number of cool abilities, they didn’t really matter all that much. It was easy enough to beat the game with the starting gun (or a wrench) and the electricity ability, so many players never really spent much time modifying their weapons or abilities. Infinite will change this by presenting situations only solvable through unique combinations of abilities.

Mechanics: One interesting development in Infinite’s game mechanics is the addition of 1999 Mode. Introduced for more hardcore player, 1999 Mode allows you to make changes to your character that have a lasting, permanent impact. In other words, if you focus on shotguns, you’ll struggle to use other weapons. Consequences are also higher here: it’s easier to die and enemies are smarter and tougher.

Plot: Not much is known about BioShock Infinite’s plot beyond the fact that the game takes place in Columbia and revolves around a mysterious woman named Elizabeth. The game’s plot has something to do with warring factions with different visions for the future of the world, and will likely include a fair amount of prose-heavy propaganda similar to the original BioShock.

BioShock Infinite is due in February, and the new trailer is set to launch on October 21. Are you excited to see how the game turns out?


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