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EA Screws Up, Fixes It by Screwing Up Again

By Kirk B.,

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EA just can’t seem to get a break these days. Over the weekend, users of Reddit discovered a mistake on the part of the company that allowed thousands of people to download a ton of free games: Completing a survey earned you a $20 Origin credit, but the code could be used by anyone, wasn’t unique and could be repeatedly re-used.

So, of course, people jumped on the opportunity and downloaded lots and lots of free games. And EA, to its credit, admitted the mistake and is allowing all of those users to keep the games they downloaded. One problem though: The company left its user survey up, along with the survey’s promise of a $20 credit, even after voiding the discount code.

Now, gamers that took the survey but are unable to use the $20 they legitimately earned are super mad, noting that it seems unfair to allow those who exploited the system to keep their games while still promising a $20 credit to new survey takers and not delivering.

Here’s a selection of comments from EA’s forums, as gathered by Kotaku:

You are punishing loyal customers meanwhile rewarding those who abused promo code to acquire multiple games.
That is not very nice. Grant us another survey along with coupon and promo code, or just one game price under 20 dollars.
We have the right to demand it.


Are you kidding me? What about those of us that legitimately filled out your survey and haven’t been able to use the code we were promised!?
So the guys that scammed the system (some of whom never even did the survey; they just got the code off the internet) get to keep their multiple free/discounted games and those of us that were honest and filled out your survey get squat? I really hope this isn’t what you’re saying. I really do.
Any response to this?


In the same boat. If EA does not fix this for the people that wanted to use the coupon to buy a game, before oct 21st as posted, Im going to Best Buy and canceling my pre-order of both NFS and MoH. Might as well just steal them because it sure looks like that what they support. Not paying customers.

This story is still developing, so it’s unlikely that EA will fail to respond. We’ll keep you posted if anything crazy happens.

In the meantime, who do you think is in the right here?


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One Response to EA Screws Up, Fixes It by Screwing Up Again

  1. Daniel says:

    I’m surprised there aren’t columns of people bitching about entitlement

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