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Bethesda Confirms: Dishonored DLC on the Way

By Kirk B.,

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Dishonored has been out for a couple of weeks now, but Arkane and Bethesda have mostly been silent when it comes to DLC plans. Unlike massive releases like Assassin’s Creed III and Borderlands 2, where DLC is laid out months in advance and swirled into the game’s marketing campaign, DLC for Dishonored seems to have been a “maybe” idea—in other words, the studio may have been waiting to see how the title was received before worrying about additional content.

Lucky for us, Dishonored was a hit. Which means Bethesda has officially greenlit three bits of DLC due for release this winter. First, there’s a $5 challenge level pack that will add 10 unique obstacle course-type things to the game. Next, a story expansion focusing on the mysterious Daud, leader of Dunwall’s assassin’s guild. Finally, a third, mysterious bit of content with no revealed details.

Look for the challenge map pack to drop in December. Everything else will come sometime in 2013, though likely closer to winter than spring.

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