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Battlefield’s Crossbows are Deadly Cool

By Kirk B.,

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Battlefield 3: Aftermath is just a few weeks away from release. And with Aftermath comes crossbows. Because hey, sometimes a rainstorm of bullets just isn’t delicate enough to get the job done right.

If you’re one of the many BF3 players curious about how crossbows will function in the game, the good old Battlefield Blog has laid out some of the mission critical details.

Here’s the breakdown: There’s a standard bolt, with a shorter range and the basic ability to kill people. Next, there’s a high-explosives bolt, which explodes when it hits something. Also, you’ll find the scan bolt, which emits radio waves and scans down nearby enemies. Very cool.

The final unlock for the crossbow is an aerodynamic enhancement of the basic bolt, which simply flies further and does more damage.

So what do you think? Does DICE have your curiosity piqued when it comes to crossbows?


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