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Gabe Newell Confirms: Valve is Working on a New Engine

By Kirk B.,

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Gaming fans across the globe perked up their ears over the weekend, as one of the industry’s luminaries spilled the beans on a very, very hot topic. During a tour of Valve HQ given to some folks from 4chan’s /V/ board, Gabe Newell answered to the affirmative that the studio is building a brand new game engine.

When asked about whether the studio had anything in the works regarding Source or new engines, here’s what Newell said:

“We’ve been working on new engine stuff for a while. We’ve just been waiting for a game to roll it out with.”

Newell also confirmed that it was an all-new engine—not just an add-on for the existing Source platform. That doesn’t necessarily make it Source 2, but it’s hard to imagine it being anything else.

Make of that what you will, Valve fans.


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