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PSA: Origin Accounts Under Attack

By Kirk B.,

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If you’re a PC gamer, odds are good that you have an Origin account. EA games can only be played through Origin, so if you have a popular title like Mass Effect 3, Medal of Honor: Warfighter or Battlefield 3 in your collection, you have an Origin account.

Users from around the globe are reporting that their Origin accounts are being compromised. But there’s one major problem: The hackers are changing personal details on the account like email address and birthdate, which in turn makes it impossible to recover the account.

Because the information has been modified, users can’t verify that information to EA customer support. And because they can’t verify, EA won’t give them the account back. It’s a mess.

EA is probably working on a solution, but now might be a good time to change your passwords and check your system for spyware and malware. You never can be too safe!


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One Response to PSA: Origin Accounts Under Attack

  1. BoomBuster says:

    This hits accounts without popular titles as well and even people who doesn’t have Origins installed. I have Sims on my account and pretty much nothing else than that and I don’t even have Origins installed on my PC yet my account was hacked. Thanks for once again proving that you’re shit EA <3

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