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StarCraft has a new World Champion

By Kirk B.,

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The final round of the StarCraft II World Championships in Shanghai has ended, and one Korean player stands at the top of the heap. PartinG (real name Le Sak) defeated fellow Korean Creator (real name Hyun Woo) in the final match, earning himself a whopping $100,000 in prize money. $40,000 and $16,000 were awarded to the second and third place finishers, respectively.

Qualifications began back in April, and there had been a fair number of upsets as the knockout rounds have rolled on. For now, however, the pro StarCraft II scene will likely take a break, until preparations for the next big tournament begin.

It’s worth noting that next year’s world championship event will occur in the United States at Blizzard Entertainment’s BlizzCon 2013. Can’t wait to see how that one plays out!

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