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War Z Launches, Customers Unhappy

By Kirk B.,

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Since the game’s initial reveal, controversy has swarmed around zombie-survival title The War Z. Many gaming fans complained that the game looked quite a bit like ArmA II’s incredibly successful mod, DayZ. Others were concerned about shady practices at the game’s development studio.

Today, the game officially launched. And while it’s storming along at the top of the Steam sales charts, complaints have started to roll in regarding the content that’s promised compared to the content that actually shows up in the game:

There are also posts popping up all over the Steam forums from users that are extremely unhappy with the state of the game they purchased, many noting that the title’s Steam entry makes no mention of the launch being in beta/alpha status.

We’ll just have to watch to see how Hammerpoint handles its upset players. In the meantime, have you played The War Z? What did you think?


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