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Comparing Crysis 3: Xbox 360 vs. PC

By Kirill S.,

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The good folks over at have downloaded both versions of the Crysis 3 Beta, which started yesterday, for the PC and the Xbox 360 in order to compare graphic-wise.
Needless to say, the PC version would definitely have a better display since it is run on a much stronger machine. However, it is still interesting to see the differences and resemblances.
Notably, it seems as though the developer of the Xbox 360 version had some issues with texture generating and decided to cover it up by various blur effects.

Below are the interactive visuals comparison as offered by




Which platform do you prefer?


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3 Responses to Comparing Crysis 3: Xbox 360 vs. PC

  1. someguy says:

    wow the shitbox360 version looks fucking disgusting you can get eyecancer from that… good thing nobody’s playing on consoles anymore.

  2. arcade47 says:

    Wow the pc version looks amazing

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